Building an evidence base to support primary health care reform

There is renewed interest, here as in the rest of the world, in the development of primary care to meet the needs of an ageing population with an increasing prevalence of complex conditions, and rising expectations as consumers, while at the same time as taxpayers, want restraint in government outlays.

The aim of the Centre of Research Excellence in the Finance and Economics of Primary Health Care (REFinE-PHC) is to build an evidence base to support the development of primary care in Australia.

We are doing this by evaluating recent and new primary care policies in Australia, by exploring consumer perceptions and experience of primary care, and forecasting the needs for primary care.

We aim to disseminate our findings in ways that are accessible and useful. Look on this site for our Fact Sheets – summaries of research evidence and identification of issues; REFinED Opinions – to give you our considered views of current issues; and Working Papers – reports of projects. Of course, we publish in academic journals too and that output can be found here. There are also copies of our conference presentations.

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